Art Expectations Day 96

Great expectations Collage Painting

Time Flies Even When You’re NOT Having Fun

Mrs Joe is surprisingly very pleased to see Orlick. She asks for him daily after this, drawing the crooked hammer on her slate. Her behavior is a mystery to everyone, including Orlick!

Life as a blacksmithing apprentice continues on for Pip. He returns to visit Miss Havisham on his birthday. Nothing has changed there – time has stood still. Even though time stands still for Miss Havisham, it seems to fly by for Pip and probably also for Estella, wherever she is. Pip’s hatred for his trade and simple home continues to grow with each visit to the Manor.

I whipped out this 8×10 painting this afternoon in acrylic. I played a bit more with the fluid acrylics. They sure are convenient, being already liquid enough without having to mix with water and so easy to pop open that little cap, squeezing out a dab of bright, colorful wonderfulness!

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