Art Expectations Day 100!



Finally, Day 100! I need to post more frequently or this is going to take me forever! I am on page 109 and this is what’s going on:

Biddy tells Pip that if he wants to be a gentleman to gain Estella over, then she is not worth gaining over. (Estella has insulted Pip by calling him common and by treating him poorly.) Pip agrees, “It may be all quite true, but I admire her dreadfully.” Pip throws a little pitty-party, crying and pulling his hair. How old is he now, anyway??? I’m guessing he’s an early teenager, maybe 14 or 15. Biddy comforts him and tells him that she is glad he has confided in her and she will tell no one. Pip hugs and kisses  her saying he’ll always tell her everything. Awww, poor Biddy, she’s just a friend to him, nothing more.

I created this on another panel of the board book Altered Book. I worked right on top of the white Gesso primer, doodling and writing. In the center is a dandy fellow holding a blacksmithing tool with the word “Biddy” going up in smoke. See you SOON, I hope!

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