Art Expectations Day 103


Pip, at times, believes he could be happy living the life of a blacksmith and settling down with Biddy. But then, thoughts of Miss Havisham and especially Estella, enter his mind and all is lost. He’s very confused, as most kids his age are. I am guessing that this is about 5-6 years after the event in the marshes with the convict. So Pip is probably an early teenager by now. What teenager knows what they want?! Things haven’t changed all that much.

Four years into his apprenticeship, Pip is at The Three Jolly Bargemen listening to Mr Wopsle give a recount of a murder case as he reads out of the newspaper to a crowd. At the end, a stranger questions Mr Wopsle about the verdict. He has an expression of contempt on his face as he asks Mr Wopsle if the suspect is Guilty or Not Guilty?

Here is a little painting of a leaf I did with acrylics and paint markers. I’ve just rediscovered paint markers. I used them when they first came out… in the 80s(?) They work better now than they used to and they allow me to sketch with paint rather than using a brush. Fun!

Will Pip turn over a new leaf and leave the forge, fly away to find Estella? Or will he be able to become content again with his blacksmithing life?

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