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Art Expectations Day 111

111 GreatExp tearflame150
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all! It’s been a quiet few days and so I have had a little free time. (VERY little!)

Page 111: Jaggers tells Pip he has no objections to Pip telling someone in town about his new fortunes (and his plans to become a gentleman). I assume Pip plans to tell Miss Havisham. (Pretty sure she’s the one behind all of this!)

Back inside, Pip sits by the fire with his family and Biddy. Joe tells everyone what he and Pip have just learned from Jaggers. “Pip’s a gentleman of fortune.” Biddy congratulates him but he detects a touch of sadness. Not sure if Mrs Joe even has a clue about what is going on. (She’d be mad if she knew Joe turned down that money Jaggers offered!)

I’m sure in the next few pages Pip will start his new journey to London and there will be some excitement!


Art Expectations 110

110 GreatExp dollar150

Been so busy and poor Pip, being neglected by me. But I’m back! I did this one in my car a few days ago while waiting for my daughter. It’s simply a pen and ink sketch with a bit of colored pencil. I need to remember to take my art supplies with me everywhere I go! Plus a sketchbook, that would be good.

Joe gets offended by Jaggers offering to “buy” Pip from him. Jaggers says, swinging the bag of money, “… this is your last chance.” Joe gets mad, Jaggers seems afraid and backs out the door. (I’m thinking Joe should have taken the money!) But friends can’t be bought. And Joe considers Pip a friend, as much as a son.

Happy Holidays to all! I’ll be back soon. Pip should be moving to London soon and I’m anxious to see how that goes. Will he see Estella soon???

Art Expectations

I have been neglecting my Pip lately! Sorry Mr Pip. But I have been very busy creating other things, so I thought I’d share those with you. Something overcomes me at this time of year. It’s not only the craziness of shopping for Christmas gifts, trying to find the perfect gift for everyone. But I start wanting to make and bake… a LOT. I love the smell of baking cookies mingled with the slightly burnt waxy smell of a hot glue gun heating up. So exciting! The possibilbities.
I finished up three large paintings this week, non-Great Expectations related. (Maybe I just needed a break from Pip.)
Here they are: (Well, here are two of them. For some reason my SD card reader is not cooperating at the moment for me to get the third pic off.)
fox running 150

flower painting 2012 150

Artt Expectations 109

109 GreatExp

Jaggers makes it clear that he only “mentions” Mr Matthew Pocket as a possible suitable tutor. He is in NO way RECOMMENDING him. This is weird. This Jaggers is weird.

He gives Pip money (20 guineas) for new clothes before Pip makes his trip to London. Was this a lot of money back then? I tried to figure out what that amount would be today. The gold one guinea coin was last minted in 1813, but was still used long after that. It was replaced by the gold Sovereign coin in 1817. One guinea in the late 1800s would have the same purchasing power of about 66 pounds today.
So, ONE late 1800s guinea = 66 pounds today = $104 US dollars today.

20 guineas in 1800 x $104 = $2080!!! That’s a lot of money for Pip for clothes! My little altered book page is of a “Pip” guinea in a pocket.

Art Expectations Day 108

108 GreatExp small
Jaggers calls Pip, Mr. Pip. He’s never been called that before. More details of the arrangement of PIp’s education are revealed:
1) Jaggers will be his guardian
2) Pip will receive a large sum of money to pay for his education and maintenance
3) Pip will need a tutor

Jaggers makes it very clear that he, Jaggers, is being paid for his services. (He is not doing this of his own good will or choice.) The tutor that Jaggers mentions for Pip is a Mr. Matthew Pocket.

I wanted to do a painting that reflects Pip’s leaving of the natural world (his life in the country and working at the forge/outdoors, wandering through the marshes) and heading to the big city where he will become refined and not use his hands for work. He’ll become educated, a gentleman, and his life will revolve around the finer things in life and culture. (I assume all of this!)

Pip will be moving to London soon. How exciting! Anyone out there reading this live in London? Now, or in the past, maybe future plans to live there?

Art Expectations Day 107

107 GreatExp Brag & Holdfast Dogs150“Brag is a good dog, but Holdfast is a better.” This is advice given from Jaggers to Joe: speak now if he has any objections on Pip’s being taken away to become a gentleman or hold his tongue forever. This is a pivotal page in the book! (finally) Jaggers says that Pip “has Great Expectations.” A private benefactor has offered to pay for Pip’s becoming a gentleman. The conditions: Pip can never ask or speculate on WHO this benefactor is and Pip must keep his name, Pip.

I decided to paint two dogs, named Brag and Holdfast on river stones. Brag is, of course, flapping his yapper. These were so much fun to do! I love river stones, smooth rocks. I used acrylic paint, then photographed them on top of the spread that I had just read, pages 116-117. I’m so excited to finally see what happens to Pip. I feel sorry for Joe. He’ll be on his own now. Well, except for Orlick, who I think might be evil.