Art Expectations Day 107


107 GreatExp Brag & Holdfast Dogs150“Brag is a good dog, but Holdfast is a better.” This is advice given from Jaggers to Joe: speak now if he has any objections on Pip’s being taken away to become a gentleman or hold his tongue forever. This is a pivotal page in the book! (finally) Jaggers says that Pip “has Great Expectations.” A private benefactor has offered to pay for Pip’s becoming a gentleman. The conditions: Pip can never ask or speculate on WHO this benefactor is and Pip must keep his name, Pip.

I decided to paint two dogs, named Brag and Holdfast on river stones. Brag is, of course, flapping his yapper. These were so much fun to do! I love river stones, smooth rocks. I used acrylic paint, then photographed them on top of the spread that I had just read, pages 116-117. I’m so excited to finally see what happens to Pip. I feel sorry for Joe. He’ll be on his own now. Well, except for Orlick, who I think might be evil.

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