Art Expectations Day 108


108 GreatExp small
Jaggers calls Pip, Mr. Pip. He’s never been called that before. More details of the arrangement of PIp’s education are revealed:
1) Jaggers will be his guardian
2) Pip will receive a large sum of money to pay for his education and maintenance
3) Pip will need a tutor

Jaggers makes it very clear that he, Jaggers, is being paid for his services. (He is not doing this of his own good will or choice.) The tutor that Jaggers mentions for Pip is a Mr. Matthew Pocket.

I wanted to do a painting that reflects Pip’s leaving of the natural world (his life in the country and working at the forge/outdoors, wandering through the marshes) and heading to the big city where he will become refined and not use his hands for work. He’ll become educated, a gentleman, and his life will revolve around the finer things in life and culture. (I assume all of this!)

Pip will be moving to London soon. How exciting! Anyone out there reading this live in London? Now, or in the past, maybe future plans to live there?

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