Artt Expectations 109


109 GreatExp

Jaggers makes it clear that he only “mentions” Mr Matthew Pocket as a possible suitable tutor. He is in NO way RECOMMENDING him. This is weird. This Jaggers is weird.

He gives Pip money (20 guineas) for new clothes before Pip makes his trip to London. Was this a lot of money back then? I tried to figure out what that amount would be today. The gold one guinea coin was last minted in 1813, but was still used long after that. It was replaced by the gold Sovereign coin in 1817. One guinea in the late 1800s would have the same purchasing power of about 66 pounds today.
So, ONE late 1800s guinea = 66 pounds today = $104 US dollars today.

20 guineas in 1800 x $104 = $2080!!! That’s a lot of money for Pip for clothes! My little altered book page is of a “Pip” guinea in a pocket.

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