Art Expectations 110


110 GreatExp dollar150

Been so busy and poor Pip, being neglected by me. But I’m back! I did this one in my car a few days ago while waiting for my daughter. It’s simply a pen and ink sketch with a bit of colored pencil. I need to remember to take my art supplies with me everywhere I go! Plus a sketchbook, that would be good.

Joe gets offended by Jaggers offering to “buy” Pip from him. Jaggers says, swinging the bag of money, “… this is your last chance.” Joe gets mad, Jaggers seems afraid and backs out the door. (I’m thinking Joe should have taken the money!) But friends can’t be bought. And Joe considers Pip a friend, as much as a son.

Happy Holidays to all! I’ll be back soon. Pip should be moving to London soon and I’m anxious to see how that goes. Will he see Estella soon???

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