Art Expectations Day 111


111 GreatExp tearflame150
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all! It’s been a quiet few days and so I have had a little free time. (VERY little!)

Page 111: Jaggers tells Pip he has no objections to Pip telling someone in town about his new fortunes (and his plans to become a gentleman). I assume Pip plans to tell Miss Havisham. (Pretty sure she’s the one behind all of this!)

Back inside, Pip sits by the fire with his family and Biddy. Joe tells everyone what he and Pip have just learned from Jaggers. “Pip’s a gentleman of fortune.” Biddy congratulates him but he detects a touch of sadness. Not sure if Mrs Joe even has a clue about what is going on. (She’d be mad if she knew Joe turned down that money Jaggers offered!)

I’m sure in the next few pages Pip will start his new journey to London and there will be some excitement!

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