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Art Expectations Day 122

122 GreatExp abstract024

Pumblechook chases Pip down to shake his hand “one more time”. Once home, Pip starts packing wildly, throwing in things he knows he shouldn’t pack just yet. On Friday he goes to Pumblechook’s to put on his new clothes. He’s disappointed by them at first, having built them up in his head over the past week to be something grander than they actually are. Pumblechook is not there and Pip guesses he will not see him again before he leaves for London the next day. (Saturday – can’t wait!)

He goes to Miss Havisham’s to pay her one last visit. (He’s still dressed in his nice, new duds.) Sarah Pocket greets him at the gate and is astonished by his new look. Surely, he leaves for London on the next few pages!!!

Did another abstract, playing with my Golden Fluid Acrylics. I love how the colors mix together and swirl around each other. See ya in London!

I also had fun last night creating this Day of the Dead Little Red Riding Hood illustration. Been wanting to do this for a while. Couldn’t get it out of my head! So here it is, now on paper:
little red riding hood023


Art Expectations Day 121

121 Greatexp Drunk022

Here is a detail of the painting which I especially like:
121 Greatexp Drunk detail

The wine is blurring Pip’s judgement! He starts to think of Pumblechook as a “sensible, practical, good-hearted, prime-fellow”. Pumblechook pours Pip more wine and propositions him with a business opportunity. He says that there is great money to be made in his business of seed and corn, should “someone” wish to invest. And that person investing would become a silent partner. I am sure Pip knows nothing of business. Luckily, for now, he just replies with “Wait a bit!”

Does that mean he WILL invest at some point? Maybe.

They are both still drunk with the wine and Pip starts to stumble home. I did an abstract painting using Golden Fluid Acrylics trying to imply drunkeness. Did I succeed? I think so. (Maybe I should have some wine and take another go at it!) Sometimes when in this state of mind you see stars swirling around and the room spins. This is probably Pip’s first REAL taste of wine, and lots of it!

Art Expectations Day 120

120 GreatExp chicken pip

Pip and Pumblechook eat, drink and “get merry.” Pumblechook offers Pip the best cuts of meat. They both become flushed in the face, Pip “steeped in wine”. Pumblechook talks to the chicken in the dish which they are devouring, saying that the fledgling had no idea what was in store for him. (Hmmm… he’s talking about the chicken, right? Or maybe about Pip!)

Art Expectations Day 119

119 GreatExp town shops

I was still feeling so inspired by the Posters of Paris exhibit that I saw on Saturday that I created my next Art Expectations piece with those poster styles in mind. It was a great exhibit!

After leaving the tailor, Pip heads to the hatter, the bootmaker, the hosier and then the coach-office to order more clothing items and his Saturday ticket to London. He goes to see Pumblechook, who excessively congratulates Pip on his good fortune. He offers Pip something to eat from the Boar (a chicken and a tongue). I’m guessing that’s a cow tongue since a chicken tongue would be pretty tiny! (Not sure if chickens even have tongues!)

I created this piece on sketchbook paper, with acylic paint. I used an old tool which I had completely forgotten about from my college days: a ruling pen. You load the tip with paint and then are able to draw with it. It’s great… you can match your drawn lines with the color you have already mixed!

Here is a ruling pen:
119 ruling pen

Art Expectations Posters of Paris


You should go see this exhibit! It ends tomorrow, January 20, at the Dallas Museum of Art. Go if you live nearby and can get there! I went this morning (a little crowded) but so worth it. Amazing! A whole room full of Toulouse-Lautrec original posters! (Ok, so they are lithographic prints, but still original prints!) The exhibit also includes many other poster artists from the late 1800s, such as Jules Chéret and Alphonse Mucha. Beautiful work!

I was very influenced by these posters and artists about 20 years ago (still am actually). I created a few paintings in a style similar to theirs. I tried anyway! Here they are (they now hang, framed, in my bedroom):
computer faire
pooch parade

Art Expectations Day 118

118 GreatExp suit shop
Here’s a very quick sketch! I intentionally tried to draw quickly with less detail. Here is Pip looking at suits in the tailor’s shop. Mr Trabb, the tailor, has the shop boy bring out a number of rolls of cloth for Pip to see. (I drew bolts of cloth in the cabinet behind them.) They are choosing material for Pip’s new clothing. Mr Trabb measures Pip, taking great care, as if Pip “were an estate” and the tailor a fine “surveyor”.

Art Expectations Day 117

117 GreatExp @ tailors

Pip heads to town to order his new clothes for his impending trip to London. He stops at the tailor’s shop first. The tailor’s boy, while sweeping up the shop, sweeps right over PIp as if to say he’s as good as any blacksmith. Pip heads to the back of the shop to talk to the tailor, who is also indifferent to him until he finds out that Pip has actual money.

The tailor, Mr Trabb, is eager to start on Pip’s new suit. Wonder if he is just getting one suit? Seems like he’ll need more than one!

I was eager to play with some new washi tape that I got for Christmas. I’ve been eyeing these tapes for a while but had not bought any or tried them until now. So much fun! They come in many many colors and designs. They are more of a paper tape and easy to tear. I found some on etsy at this nice little shop:

I also did a transfer using packing tape of an old image of a tailor’s shop. These old engravings were called “Trade Cuts” and were used to advertise shops. I love seeing how shops looked back then… how items were displayed on massive wooden counters and in wooden cabinets. No plastic shelving here and certainly no online shopping!

Art Expectations Day 116

116 GreatExp currants150

Biddy and Pip get into a little spat while discussing Pip’s helping Joe. (Pip is the child afterall! Who does he think he is?! The King of England?) Biddy is obviously upset and plucks, then rips up, a black currant leaf. This scent of black currant is very strong. Pip will remember this scent together with this conversation throughout his life.

Pip says that Joe, in his current state, won’t fit in when Pip brings him into his “new” life. Biddy takes offense when Pip calls Joe backward “in his learning and his manners”.

I glued down onto canvas an earlier page out of my Great Expectations book. I painted some pretty black currant leaves and berries in acrylic. I don’t think I have ever had fresh black currants. They must not grow down here in the South. I have had dried ones and they are delicious on a salad!

Art Expectations Day 115

115 Great Exp new pip

Pip walks further on, out to the battery. He ponders whether Miss Havisham (he’s assuming she’s his benefactor) intends him to marry Estella. Such lovely thoughts!

He drifts off to sleep and awakes to find Joe sitting beside him. Pip tells Joe and Biddy (separately) that he’ll never forget them. He asks Biddy a favor, that she be OK with him helping Joe become less dull, more civilized and more of a gentleman, like he is to become.

Joe is obviously comfortable with who he is, but Pip is not (with himself or with Joe). If Pip had never met Miss Havisham and Estella, he’d have been perfectly happy being a blacksmith, a commoner and possibly marrying sweet Biddy.

I decided to do a portrait of the future gentleman Pip, in his new attire. I purposefully stretched him out to be bigger than himself, his head up in the clouds, his nose in the air, above all those he knows. Maybe he will redeem himself someday or London will put him in his place! Surely he’s going to London in the next few pages!!!

Art Expectations Day 114

114 Greatexp cow009

Pip sees Joe’s pipe smoke rising in the air outside his upstairs open bedroom window. It reminds him of the air that he and Joe have shared together.

Pip has just six days before he starts on his new adventure! He’s in a much better mood today, going to church and having one final walk-about in the marshes to say his goodbyes. He bids farewell to all he’s known: the church, the graveyard where he first met the convict, the low wet grounds of the marsh, the dykes and sluices. And of course, the dull grazing cattle who seem to have a “more respectful air about them” today.

I did a painting showing an anything-but-dull cow. He’s helping Pip say goodbye and celebrate his new Great Expectations!