Art Expectations Day 112


112 GreatExp stars150
Welcome 2013! Looking back at my 2012 goals, I think I did pretty good. I can’t find my list of goals that I made out in Jan 2012 (maybe one should have been to be better organized!), but I remember most of them.
1) have a bigger web presence, start a blog and get my work online
CHECK! Done! In fact I now have two blogs: this one and another one that showcases samples of my graphic design and illustration work. That one is simply:
2) work more (a.k.a. MAKE MORE MONEY) Sure, I want World Peace, but reality is I have two children, one who will be driving very soon (YIKES!) and will need a car and most importantly, auto insurance. College follows very quickly for him and four years later for my daughter.
CHECK! I started freelancing again in September. While it’s not the most stable job, I have been doing it for 20 years (this June) and it provides extra income, although no benefits or retirement and a big portion of what I make goes to Uncle Sam.
3) add more items to my etsy store – I did that and have made 94 sales. I plan to do even better with that this year!
4) go visit my childhood friend, Sumaya, in North Carolina
CHECK! We went in June and it was great to see her and meet her children.

I probably had a few other 2012 resolutions, but I can’t remember them, so obviously I did not accomplish those goals! I think I did pretty good anyway. I kept this blog going! Speaking of which…

Day 112, Page 122
Biddy tries to explain the situation to Mrs Joe who seems oblivious to what is going on. Joe and Biddy start carrying on about Pip’s good fortune, which should make Pip happy, but he starts to feel more and more gloomy. (Maybe he feels guilty about how he has treated Joe and Biddy?)

He walks to the open kitchen door, and stares up at the night sky. Humble stars shine on his plain, rustic life and surroundings. He announces that when he gets his fancy new duds from the tailor uptown, he will leave them at Pumblechook’s house. “It will be very disagreeable to be stared at by all the people here.”

Happy New Year to everyone! What are my goals for 2013? Well, one is to POST more often, going further into the wonderful world of Pip and his Great Expectations. (POSTING more often means I CREATE more often and that’s a good thing!)

4 thoughts on “Art Expectations Day 112

  1. I just drove home to Colorado for Christmas and had Great Expectations for my book on tape. Wow, I had no idea it was so long. I didn’t even get to finish but, I’m close. Now I can re-cap with your art.

    1. Hope you are liking it! It’s taking me FOREVER to get through it, one page a day. Plus I haven’t been very good at doing it every day, but only about 3-4 days a week. At this rate, it’ll take me 3 years to finish with this project!

  2. Our two-year old son loves this book so much, he requests it by name during our bed-time reading. We think the illustrations are so beautiful, we have bought numerous copies for all of our son’s friends and our friends’ children. It is a gorgeous, fun-to-read, educational book.

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