Art Expectations 113 Shrinky Dinks!


113 GreatExp necklace 2

Hello! I have recovered from the holidays and am NOW finally ready to start the year. The kids start back to school today, so that’s bitter and S-W-E-E-T!

I had fun playing with Shrinky Dinks last night, creating a Charles Dickens Great Expectations necklace. Step-by-step pics below.

Page 123:
Pip doesn’t want any of his “current” acquaintances to see him in his new finery. He does agree to bringing them by on his last night there before leaving for London for Joe, Biddy and the Mrs to see.

Pip, while up in his meager childhood bedroom that night, sees and then overhears Joe and Biddy out back talking about him. Biddy brings Joe his pipe and lights it for him.

Soon Pip will be leaving for London. So exciting!
113 GreatExp shrinky necklace
113 creating 1
113 in oven curling
113 chains

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