Art Expectations Day 114


114 Greatexp cow009

Pip sees Joe’s pipe smoke rising in the air outside his upstairs open bedroom window. It reminds him of the air that he and Joe have shared together.

Pip has just six days before he starts on his new adventure! He’s in a much better mood today, going to church and having one final walk-about in the marshes to say his goodbyes. He bids farewell to all he’s known: the church, the graveyard where he first met the convict, the low wet grounds of the marsh, the dykes and sluices. And of course, the dull grazing cattle who seem to have a “more respectful air about them” today.

I did a painting showing an anything-but-dull cow. He’s helping Pip say goodbye and celebrate his new Great Expectations!

3 thoughts on “Art Expectations Day 114

    1. Thanks! It’s really folk-arty looking. (I do love folk art.) I am trying so many different styles and materials on this blog! It looks like a person with multiple personalities is doing them!!!! Maybe I DO have multiple personalities! I am impressed with all your running and goals for staying in shape and eating well. It inspires me to do better too! Love your art also!

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