Art Expectations Day 115


115 Great Exp new pip

Pip walks further on, out to the battery. He ponders whether Miss Havisham (he’s assuming she’s his benefactor) intends him to marry Estella. Such lovely thoughts!

He drifts off to sleep and awakes to find Joe sitting beside him. Pip tells Joe and Biddy (separately) that he’ll never forget them. He asks Biddy a favor, that she be OK with him helping Joe become less dull, more civilized and more of a gentleman, like he is to become.

Joe is obviously comfortable with who he is, but Pip is not (with himself or with Joe). If Pip had never met Miss Havisham and Estella, he’d have been perfectly happy being a blacksmith, a commoner and possibly marrying sweet Biddy.

I decided to do a portrait of the future gentleman Pip, in his new attire. I purposefully stretched him out to be bigger than himself, his head up in the clouds, his nose in the air, above all those he knows. Maybe he will redeem himself someday or London will put him in his place! Surely he’s going to London in the next few pages!!!

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