Art Expectations Day 116


116 GreatExp currants150

Biddy and Pip get into a little spat while discussing Pip’s helping Joe. (Pip is the child afterall! Who does he think he is?! The King of England?) Biddy is obviously upset and plucks, then rips up, a black currant leaf. This scent of black currant is very strong. Pip will remember this scent together with this conversation throughout his life.

Pip says that Joe, in his current state, won’t fit in when Pip brings him into his “new” life. Biddy takes offense when Pip calls Joe backward “in his learning and his manners”.

I glued down onto canvas an earlier page out of my Great Expectations book. I painted some pretty black currant leaves and berries in acrylic. I don’t think I have ever had fresh black currants. They must not grow down here in the South. I have had dried ones and they are delicious on a salad!

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