Art Expectations Day 117


117 GreatExp @ tailors

Pip heads to town to order his new clothes for his impending trip to London. He stops at the tailor’s shop first. The tailor’s boy, while sweeping up the shop, sweeps right over PIp as if to say he’s as good as any blacksmith. Pip heads to the back of the shop to talk to the tailor, who is also indifferent to him until he finds out that Pip has actual money.

The tailor, Mr Trabb, is eager to start on Pip’s new suit. Wonder if he is just getting one suit? Seems like he’ll need more than one!

I was eager to play with some new washi tape that I got for Christmas. I’ve been eyeing these tapes for a while but had not bought any or tried them until now. So much fun! They come in many many colors and designs. They are more of a paper tape and easy to tear. I found some on etsy at this nice little shop:

I also did a transfer using packing tape of an old image of a tailor’s shop. These old engravings were called “Trade Cuts” and were used to advertise shops. I love seeing how shops looked back then… how items were displayed on massive wooden counters and in wooden cabinets. No plastic shelving here and certainly no online shopping!

2 thoughts on “Art Expectations Day 117

    1. Those washi tapes are pretty cheap and so much fun! You can find them on etsy (PrettyTapes) and some craft/scrapbooking stores. This was my first time to use them! And today I used them to seal up my daughter’s sack lunch. It added a special touch, more than the usual masking tape!

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