Art Expectations Day 119


119 GreatExp town shops

I was still feeling so inspired by the Posters of Paris exhibit that I saw on Saturday that I created my next Art Expectations piece with those poster styles in mind. It was a great exhibit!

After leaving the tailor, Pip heads to the hatter, the bootmaker, the hosier and then the coach-office to order more clothing items and his Saturday ticket to London. He goes to see Pumblechook, who excessively congratulates Pip on his good fortune. He offers Pip something to eat from the Boar (a chicken and a tongue). I’m guessing that’s a cow tongue since a chicken tongue would be pretty tiny! (Not sure if chickens even have tongues!)

I created this piece on sketchbook paper, with acylic paint. I used an old tool which I had completely forgotten about from my college days: a ruling pen. You load the tip with paint and then are able to draw with it. It’s great… you can match your drawn lines with the color you have already mixed!

Here is a ruling pen:
119 ruling pen

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