Art Expectations Day 121


121 Greatexp Drunk022

Here is a detail of the painting which I especially like:
121 Greatexp Drunk detail

The wine is blurring Pip’s judgement! He starts to think of Pumblechook as a “sensible, practical, good-hearted, prime-fellow”. Pumblechook pours Pip more wine and propositions him with a business opportunity. He says that there is great money to be made in his business of seed and corn, should “someone” wish to invest. And that person investing would become a silent partner. I am sure Pip knows nothing of business. Luckily, for now, he just replies with “Wait a bit!”

Does that mean he WILL invest at some point? Maybe.

They are both still drunk with the wine and Pip starts to stumble home. I did an abstract painting using Golden Fluid Acrylics trying to imply drunkeness. Did I succeed? I think so. (Maybe I should have some wine and take another go at it!) Sometimes when in this state of mind you see stars swirling around and the room spins. This is probably Pip’s first REAL taste of wine, and lots of it!

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