Art Expectations Day 123


123 GreatExp fairy godmother

Miss Havisham is “taking exercise” walking around the moldy bride-cake on the long table. The room is as dark and dismal as before. Nothing has changed.

Pip tells her of his good fortune and that he is leaving for London tomorrow. He wishes to say good-bye to her. In a way, he’s just trying to thank her for the fortune, assuming she’s the one who gave it to him. She makes no acknowledgement that she is the benefactor. But she seems to know a lot about the the details of Pip’s fortune and future. Mainly that Pip has to always keep his name “Pip”.

He kneels, kisses her hand and has a vision of her as his fairy godmother. (More like evil stepmom!)

I did a collage with two kinds of wings, fairy wings and bird wings. Pip will be leaving soon for London, flying away from all he’s known!

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