Art Expectations Day 126

Pip waits in Mr Jaggers’s warm dismal office for him to return. He studies the odd objects about the room and becomes especially spooked by two head casts on a shelf collecting dust and soot. He describes the faces as swollen and “twitchy about the nose.”

I have decided to do two “close to life-sized” head sculptures to resemble the spooky head casts in Jaggers’s office. I have been wanting to do a 3D object with this project and now is my chance! I made two large balls of aluminum foil and then started covering them with plaster tape. I can’t remember what this stuff is called, but it is a roll of mesh material that is covered in dried plaster. You cut it in strips then dip in water. Lay them across your armature, pressing them in. I am thinking these two heads are casts of two criminals that were hanged. Criminals that perhaps Jaggers had represented in court. Creepy! No wonder Pip is spooked.

This project will take me about a week so I will post my progress. In the meantime, I have read the next few pages and will be posting those also as I work on these head casts. (I’ve been watching Face Off – I got some good ideas from that show!)

Here are the first two steps:
head casts1
head casts2


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