Art Expectations Day 127


127 GreatExp profile Pip noose

It’s a hot summer day in London: “dust and grit lay thick on everything.” Pip can’t take the head casts staring at him any longer (in Jaggers’s office) so he goes out for a walk. He ends up by St Paul’s and Newgate Prison. Quite a number of people are milling about mostly smelling of spirits and beer. Pip takes this to mean that court is in session.

A drunk minister of justice gives Pip an interesting tour of the gallows yard, where the convicted are publicly whipped and hanged, and the Debtor’s Door. Poor Pip gets a sickening feeling about London. He gives the guy a shilling just to get rid of him and end the tour!

He then walks to a different section of town and discovers that other people are also waiting for Jaggers.

I am still working on the two head casts and will add more layers of plaster today. In the meantime, I did this painting collage of Pip’s profile. I think it came out nicely. I’ll post pics of the head casts soon!

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