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Art Expectations Day 133

133 GreatExp shabby London sm

Page 148. Only 264 pages to go!

Pip and Wemmick arrive at Barnard’s Inn where young Mr. Pocket lives. Pip is NOT impressed. (He had high expectations of London – hoping it all to be more grand than his simple village back home.)

He describes the Inn as the “dingiest collection of shabby buildings ever squeezed together in a rank corner as a club for Tom-cats.” Love this description! Sounds pretty bleak – dismal trees, dismal sparrows, dismal cats and houses.

Very colorful language from Dickens on this page 148: “dry-rot and wet-rot” and “rot of rat and mouse and bug”. They find Mr. Pocket’s room up some creaky stairs and Wemmick makes to leave Pip. They shake hands good-bye. Pip will be seeing Wemmick much more, especially since Wemmick is the keeper of his funds.

I created this acrylic painting/collage incorporating some of the dismal, bleak colors used to represent Pip’s first impression of London. Hope you like it! I will soon get back to my sculpture heads and finish those up. So glad Spring is almost here. I’m tired of the bleak, dismal winter weather!


Art Expectations Day 132, Page 147

132 GreatExp wheeping willow
(Wemmick is further described by Pip… er, Dickens)
He wears signs of mourning the dead: four mourning rings, a brooch with a lady, weeping willow and a tombstone with an urn on it, plus other mourning rings dangling from his watch-chain. (Maybe he just likes jewelry???)

Pip guesses Wemmick is between the ages of 40 and 50. They walk on, Wemmick saying that it’s about 5 miles to Mr. Matthew Pocket’s home.

Art Expectations Day 131

131 GreatExp WoodWemmick037
Wooden Wemmick
Jaggers eats a quick lunch, standing and drinking sherry from a flask. (He’s a very busy man, too busy to sit for lunch!) He informs Pip of his sleeping arrangements for the coming week: a few days with young Pocket, then on to his father’s place. (Young Pocket’s father or Jaggers’s father? This is not clear.)

Pip is also told what his allowance will be (VERY generous – lucky Pip!) and where to shop. While walking with Wemmick (Jaggers’s clerk) to his first place to hang out, Pip sizes up Wemmick: he’s a dry, short man with a wooden square face, probably a bachelor, judging by his frayed clothing.

I’m glad to be back to posting, from my short Spring Break. I plan to get back to posting regularly, despite the fact that I HAVE to get started on my taxes! argh

Art Expectations Day 130

130 GreatExp jaggers encaustic

I took a wonderful mini-workshop today at The Encaustic Center in Richardson Texas (just north of Dallas) taught by Deanna Wood. So much fun! I have never painted with wax before and let me say, it’s addictive! I’ll have to go again soon. Here is a link to their website in case you are interested in learning about it too:

I worked on four pieces during the workshop. When I got home, I adapted one to fit my page for the day.
Page 144: Dickens implies that Jaggers pays people (or bribes them maybe) to lie on the stand for his clients. He has a “helper” named Mike who has found a drunken man with a black eye. Mike claims that this fellow will say whatever Jaggers wants him to say. Jaggers gets upset at Mike for saying this out loud! This drunken fellow, dressed up as a pastrycook, will claim that he was with the “accused person” on the night in question, all night. Jaggers is not pleased at all with this “witness” that Mike has found and he sends them away.

Here are a few pictures from The Encaustic Center workshop and link to Deanna’s website also:
deanna with sample
painting more colored wax on
wax colors heating
creating texture

All four samples I did today:
4 encasutics USE