Art Expectations Day 131


131 GreatExp WoodWemmick037
Wooden Wemmick
Jaggers eats a quick lunch, standing and drinking sherry from a flask. (He’s a very busy man, too busy to sit for lunch!) He informs Pip of his sleeping arrangements for the coming week: a few days with young Pocket, then on to his father’s place. (Young Pocket’s father or Jaggers’s father? This is not clear.)

Pip is also told what his allowance will be (VERY generous – lucky Pip!) and where to shop. While walking with Wemmick (Jaggers’s clerk) to his first place to hang out, Pip sizes up Wemmick: he’s a dry, short man with a wooden square face, probably a bachelor, judging by his frayed clothing.

I’m glad to be back to posting, from my short Spring Break. I plan to get back to posting regularly, despite the fact that I HAVE to get started on my taxes! argh

4 thoughts on “Art Expectations Day 131

  1. Welcome back. I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to check out some of the are work done by my students. A few of them (grade 2s) took the computer discs that we gessoed and created a mini abstract art piece.

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