Art Expectations Days 136-138


136-7 GreatExp sketches in boardbook

138 GreatExp sketch in Bbook

Hello! I have been so busy with freelance work and taxes. (Freelance
on-going, that’s good and taxes DONE… even better!) I did find time
to do three sketches together in an altered board book. Below is my
version of Great Expectations pages 151-153 by Charles Dickens:

Herbert Pocket tells Pip that he, too, had been brought before Miss
Havisham on a “trial” visit to see if he was suitable for a good
fortune and possibly an engagement to Estella. This surprises Pip and
even more so that Herbert is not upset in the least that he did not
win the fortune (or Estella). Herbert tells Pip that Estella is “hard, haughty,
capricious and set out to wreak revenge on all the male sex.” He hit
the nail on the head! But why is she like this? Influenced by Miss
Havisham? (page 151)

Pip observes that Herbert has a very frank, open and honest way about
him. He is very likeable. He also guesses that Herbert will never be
successful or wealthy. Just a hunch. Herbert does wear his tattered
old suit better than Pip wears his new one though. Pip asks Herbert
to help him out in social situations if he notices that Pip is
doing something wrong. Pip is afraid is country roots will show!
(page 152)

Herbert asks Pip if he can call him “Handel” instead of Pip. Pip
agrees, but remember, in Pip’s contract, he is supposed to always go
by the name Pip. Their dinner arrives from the coffee-house. The
apartment is so small that it seems to Pip that food is spread
everywhere, even butter on the armchair, bread on the bookcase and
boiled fowl on his bed! Herbert tells Pip more about Estella. She was
spoiled as a child by her widowed father. (Her mom died when Estella
was a baby.) Her father was a brewer and denied her nothing. (page 153)

I’ll post again soon, so please check back! Happy Spring!

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