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Art Expectations Day 145

145 GreatExp 8kids150
The Pockets, all except for the Mr, are romping around in the garden. This gives Pip time to observe the Pocket family dynamics. It apprears that Mrs. Pocket does not want to be bothered with the children. (Hint: she has two nurses to help her with them.) In her defense, there are SEVEN little Pockets tumbling around the garden! Not including Herbert, whom I assume is the eldest. Mrs. Pocket awkwardly bounces the baby on her lap briefly and then sends them all off to nap.

Mr. Pocket finally comes out of the house, looking as perplexed and befuddled as Mrs. Pocket. I think I’d be in a dazed stupor also, if I had 8 children!

I am posting another gelli print I did last week during this online class taught by Carla Sonheim:
There are 8 shapes to represent each of the Pocket children tumbling about their lovely garden by the river. I really like the textures on this one!


Art Expectations Day 144

144 GreatExp garden sm

Pip describes Herbert’s work environment at the counting-house as dusty, hot and grimy. He hangs around until noon, when Herbert gets off and they go to lunch. Pip thinks the restaurant to be a fine establishment until he notices that there is “more gravy on the tablecloths and knives and waiter’s clothes, than in the steaks.”

After lunch the two head to Mr & Mrs Pocket’s house in Hammersmith (Herbert’s folks). This sounds like a very pleasant place, with a little gate and a garden overlooking the river with children tumbling about. Mrs Pocket stumps Pip when she asks him if his mamma is quite well. (Is she talking about his mother who passed away or his sister who raised him?)

Here is another gelli print that I made while taking Carla Sonheim’s online Gelli Class. I’m having so much fun! And so far have kept up with the class. Tomorrow is the last day. Can’t wait to see what she has planned for us!

This acrylic monoprint is a depiction of Mr & Mrs Pocket’s lovely home in the country, with the river at the bottom, the garden in the middle and the fence at the top. I know, it’s kinda messy and abstract, but I am very pleased with the results!

Art Expectations Day 143

143 GreatExp Abbey 150

I am taking an on-line class (my first!) taught by the wonderfully talented Carla Sonheim. While working on her project yesterday I decided to “kill two birds with one stone” or “two arts with one gelli pad!” The piece above was done using her techniques and my brand-spanking new Gelli Printing Plate! You can see her class info here:

It started yesterday, but anyone can sign up at any time and work at their own pace. This works great for me, because I’m busy, busy, busy. I still have dependants who depend on me!¬†Young teenagers, who often don’t want to hear my opinions but still needy when it comes to rides, money and food!

Page 158 of Great Expectations finds Pip going for a late evening walk with Herbert Pocket then to see a Theatre show at half-price. This is still Pip’s first day in London, Saturday. In the morning they go to church at Westminster Abbey and then another walk in The Parks. There are many horses there which remind Pip of his step-father Joe, who helped raise him. (Joe is a blacksmith and often makes horseshoes.) He starts to feel sad about all he’s left behind, the country, Joe, Biddy too, I’m sure. It all seems so far away, even though he was there just this morning, saying his good-byes.

Monday morning arrives and Herbert starts his work-week. I think Pip is going to tag along.

My Gelli print is of Westminster Abbey. I had fun using this new mono-printing technique for the first time on this piece. I used acrylic paint. If you are interested in learning about it, sign up for Carla’s class!

Art Expectations Day 142

142 GreatExp exotic trade small

Herbert talks about his career to Pip. He says he insures ships. And has grand plans of trading in the East and West Indies (silks, spices, dyes, drugs, precious woods, sugar, tobacco, rum and elephant tusks)! This all sounds very exciting, exotic and profitable to Pip. But, Pip then finds out that Herbert is not actually doing any of this – trading or insuring. He works in a counting-house and informs Pip that it pays nothing. But, he is “always looking about” for an opportunity to pursue these dreams.

Happy Early Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Art Expectations Day 141

141 GreatExp MsH table150
Can you believe I am still at this?! It looks like I am just a little over 1/3 of the way through the book. YIKES!

Here’s what’s happening on Page 156:
Pip, Handel according to Herbert, finds out that Miss Havisham’s half-brother was in on the cruel scheme with her fianc√© to swindle her out of her fortune. (Poor Miss H!) Herbert does not know where the two men are today. They seem to have disappeared. Estella was adopted by Miss H at some point – also something Herbert knows little about. Maybe we will find out later.

In the meantime, Pip and Herbert agree that they both now know the exact same information about Miss H.

How horrible to be ready for the wedding, in the gown, cake on the table, only to find out that it was all a cruel joke, a mean scheme!

Art Expectations Day 140

140 GreatExp clock face

Page 155 finds Pip listening to Herbert Pocket tell more of the story of Miss Havisham’s life:
The man Miss H fell in love with was NO gentleman. He was not a true gentleman at heart but tried to appear as one. “No varnish can hide the grain of the wood; and that the more varnish you put on, the more the grain will express itself.”

Miss H fell hard for him. He swindled her out of large sums of money, all the while professing his love for her and the promise of marriage. Plans were made, a wedding dress purchased, guests invited. They arrived on the date, everyone but the bridegroom. Miss H received a letter from him while she was dressing for the wedding, at twenty minutes to nine. (This is the time that all the clocks at her home have been stopped at.) No one knows what the letter said exactly, but the wedding was off and no one has seen the man since!

Art Expectations Day 139

139 GreatExp MissHavGlass

Miss Havisham (not Estella) is the one who lost her mother, young,
and grew up spoiled by her brewer father. (I got confused and thought
Herbert was talking about Estella. Easy to do with Dickens!) Miss
Havisham’s father dies, leaving her a wealthy heiress with a wasteful
and extravagant half-brother.

As Herbert tells Pip all about Miss Havisham, he throws in bits of
advice on how one holds his silverware, wine-tumbler and dinner-
napkin properly. Pip is not insulted ain the least and they both
giggle at Pip’s ignorance in these things.

Herbert continues: Twenty-five years ago young Miss Havisham meets
and falls in love with a man.