Art Expectations Day 147


147 GreatExp servant bells

Pip is shown his room in the Pocket home. It seems adequate and comfortable. He meets two other non-Pocket boarders: Drummle and Startop. Pip observes that the house seems to be run entirely by the servants, who make all the decisions, not Mr & Mrs Pocket. The servants are in charge! And they do entertain often, down in the servants’ quarters, doing whatever they like, eating very well.

Still on my quest to try new things with this project, I decided to try my hand at carving a rubber stamp. I have had a Speedball carving tool for many years. I believe I bought this in college and we did one project with it, just to learn how to do it. Haven’t touched it since. Until yesterday. I bought a pink rubber carving block, sketched out my “servant bell” design and carved away! It really is a lot of fun and carves like butter! Not how I remember carving into linoleum blocks in th 80s – VERY difficult. I used a brayer to roll on acylic paint and made my print. Pretty cool, huh?

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