Art Expectations Day 149


149 GreatExp snakelady front

The Pockets, Pip and guests are having dinner, with Mr Pocket about to carve the meat, knives in hand, when a page comes in with an announcement. The cook has “mislaid the beef.” (How does one lose a hunk of meat?!) Mr Pocket begins to behave oddly, trying to pull himself up out of his chair by yanking up on his own hair. Unsuccessful, he gives up and decides not to do anything about the missing beef.

Mrs Coiler, the nosy neighbor, who is dining with them, comes across as serpentine, snaky and fork-tongued to Pip as she overly compliments him. He’s embarrassed.

After dinner the children are marched in to be inspected and shown-off to everyone. (These were the days when children were not allowed to eat with the grown-ups!) Mrs Pocket tries to hold the baby but ends up banging it’s head on the table. Crying ensues.

I carved this little snake lady out of jade. Just kidding! I used Crayola Air-dry clay. It’s fairly fragile, even when dry, so I have to be careful with it. I haven’t done much sculpture, so thought it was time for something different. I used clay for the next page also, so check back in!

Here is the progress:
149 before 1
149 before 2

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