Art Expectations Day 151


151 GreatExp Pip rowing

Mrs Pocket leaves with the crying baby, while sending Jane off to her room for meddling. Minutes later, Pip sees, out the window, Jane nursing the baby afterall.

Pip is left at the table with Mr Pocket and all the kids. Mr P looks as befuddled as usual, but then begins to ask each of the children a question. After a few, he “melted into parental tenderness”, gives each a shilling and sends them off to play.

They all go rowing on the river that evening. Someone tells Pip he has the “arm of a blacksmith”. This was probably meant as a compliment, but Pip did not like it. He wants to disassociate himself from his former, simple life.

Here is a drawing I did with a Sharpie on top of a gelli plate printing. This afternoon I plan to paint a door in my kitchen with chalkboard paint. I think it’ll be cool! My daughter (12) wants one wall in her room all chalkboard paint. And I am thinking about doing one of our dining room walls as well. That way we can draw on the walls!
I’ll show you my progress with this chalky project next time!

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