Art Expectations Day 152


152 GreatExp Stolen Butter

After rowing in the river, the adults are sitting around enjoying a snack, when a maid comes in. She has come to tell them that the cook is drunk on the kitchen floor with a large bundle of their fresh butter which she intends to sell.

Mrs Pocket blames the maid, for tattle-telling, I guess. She takes the cook’s side. Mr Pocket starts to argue with her. More arguments among the Pockets, staff still going unpunished. Pip goes off to his room. I think he has had enough of the Pockets!

I have a new found respect for butter-sculptors! I knew I’d have to work fast since the butter would start to soften in my warm little hands. (Why can’t butter soften this fast when you need to butter your bread?!) The main problem was the slippery-ness. Anyway, I can say I have carved butter, and will probably never do that again!

On Sunday in about three hours, my daughter and I painted one wall in my dining room with chalkboard paint. It looks great! Here are some pics:
lily painting
finished wall

One thought on “Art Expectations Day 152

  1. I love the wall. My daughter and her husband did a small wall in the hallway by their door and they write messages to each other, grocery lists and to do lists on it.

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