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Art Expectations Day 160

160 GreatExp Castle small

Apparently Jaggers announces to all his clients (criminals, some of them) that he dares anyone to rob his unlocked home. Wemmick tells Pip that all of Jaggers’s silverware is not silver, but a cheap alloy. Even though Jaggers would lose little if he were robbed, the criminal would lose a lot – his HEAD in the gallows! So no one has ever tried to rob Jaggers.

Pip and Wemmick arrive at Wemmick’s place for dinner. PIp is surprised to see the top portion of his home cut out and painted like a battery mounted with guns! The windows and doors on the front are gothic style and very tiny on his tiny house. Wemmick admits to creating this all on his own. (He’s very proud of his handiwork!)

I tried something new with this painting: using sticky-back craft foam sheets to create a monoprint. It was fun, but very hard to carve into the foam. I will definitely try this technique again some time! School is back in session. I thought I’d have more time to myself once my kids went back, but WRONG… I’m busier than ever with driving them around! Oh well, I’ll enjoy this time with them while I can. It’s fleeting and soon they will be gone, off drving themselves around!


Art Expectations Day 159

Great Expectations art for blog ArtExpectations
A Fine Fowl

Pip admits to developing a few expensive habits, becoming more comfortable with spending someone else’s money. He’s moving forward with his “education” (learning the ins & outs of London society life).

He heads off to dinner at Wemmick’s one night. On their walk to his house, Wemmick tells Pip that he has a fine fowl for dinner, the best in the shop, at no cost, from a former client. He also tells him that Jaggers will soon be extending an invitation to Pip for dinner, along with some of Pip’s new friends.

Pip learns that Jaggers never locks a single door or window at night!
“Is he never robbed?” asks Pip.

Art Expectations Day 158

158 GreatExp canoeing whole SM

It looks like Pip, even though he is keeping the apartment in London, still spends a good deal of time at Herbert’s family home in Hammersmith. He has become friends with the tenant Startop (described as effeminate) but seems to mistrust the other tenant Drummle (described as sluggish).

They often go rowing on the river along with Herbert. Pip describes his and Startop’s canoes as “breaking the sunset or the moonlight in midstream.” This sounds beautiful!

Camilla, Mr Pocket’s (the dad’s) sister and Georgiana, a cousin, show up for a visit. Pip suspects they hate him for coming into his prosperity so easily. I suspect they are jealous that he is getting Miss Havisham’s fortune!

Art Expectations Day 157

157 GreatExp eyebrow150jpg

Wemmick says he’ll offer Pip punch when he comes to visit, “not bad” punch. But Jaggers will offer him a “good wine.” He also tells Pip to check out Jaggers’ housekeeper when he goes to dine with him. She’s a “wild beast tamed.” Interesting…

Pip stops by the crowded police-court to see Jaggers at work, cross-examining some poor soul. Everyone in the court is in awe and scared stiff as Jaggers speaks. Even the thieves “shrank when a hair of his eyebrows turned in their direction!”

Art Expectations Day 156

156 GreatExp PIP jewelry

While speaking with Wemmick further, Pip discovers that all the jewelry (brooches, watch chains and rings) that Wemmick wears are gifts to him from criminals, former Jaggers’ clients. Wemmick’s “guiding-star” is “Get hold of portable property.” Some advice for Pip! He invites Pip to come dine with him at his home when he gets a chance, to see more of the curiosities that he owns. Sounds intriguing!

Art Expectations Day 155

155 GreatExp head casts finished

Wemmick shows Pip around Jaggers’ office, letting him see the other three clerks working there. Pip questions Wemmick about the two twitchy head casts he’d seen on his first day there. WHO are they??? (See my post on February 21, 2013, Day 128)

Wemmick informs Pip that one of them murdered his master and died at the gallows.

Here are my two head casts that I started in February, now finished. I really did not think these would come up again in the story, but here they are! (The one on the left is covered in pages from the book. The one on the right is covered in a handmade paper that looks a little like stone.)

Art Expectations Day 154

154 GreatExp laughing boot

Day 153 page 169
Pip goes to Jaggers’ office, the London lawyer who is in charge of him and his money to let him know of his plans to stay at the Barnard’s Inn apartment. He needs money to furnish the place. Jaggers, wearing bright, creaking boots, appears to be teasing Pip, the boots laughing at him, making Pip uncomfortable asking for the money and feeling ignorant. They settle on 20 pounds and Jaggers sends Pip to see his clerk Wemmick to get it.

Pip tells Wemmick he’s not sure what to make of Jaggers’ strange behavior. Wemmick says Jaggers would take that as a compliment!

Another sketch done in the car on my long road trip!

Art Expectations Day 153

153 GreatExp no schooling

It turns out that Pip is not to be designed for any profession nor to receive any more formal education. (Someone plans to keep him ignorant and helpless!) Herbert Pocket advises Pip to attend places and events in London to learn as much as possible about society and to gain knowledge that way. Herbert says he will help in any way he can. He is a good tutor for Pip… serious in his task, honest and good.

Pip decides to retain his lodgings at Barnard’s Inn back in town. (I think the Pocket household has driven him crazy!) He goes to see Mr Jaggers to let him know of his plans and to ask for more money for furnishings.

A quick sketch of PIp. I did this in the car recently on a looooong road trip!