Art Expectations Day 160


160 GreatExp Castle small

Apparently Jaggers announces to all his clients (criminals, some of them) that he dares anyone to rob his unlocked home. Wemmick tells Pip that all of Jaggers’s silverware is not silver, but a cheap alloy. Even though Jaggers would lose little if he were robbed, the criminal would lose a lot – his HEAD in the gallows! So no one has ever tried to rob Jaggers.

Pip and Wemmick arrive at Wemmick’s place for dinner. PIp is surprised to see the top portion of his home cut out and painted like a battery mounted with guns! The windows and doors on the front are gothic style and very tiny on his tiny house. Wemmick admits to creating this all on his own. (He’s very proud of his handiwork!)

I tried something new with this painting: using sticky-back craft foam sheets to create a monoprint. It was fun, but very hard to carve into the foam. I will definitely try this technique again some time! School is back in session. I thought I’d have more time to myself once my kids went back, but WRONG… I’m busier than ever with driving them around! Oh well, I’ll enjoy this time with them while I can. It’s fleeting and soon they will be gone, off drving themselves around!

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