Art Expectations Day 161 (only 161?!)


161 GreatExp Wemmicks animals150

Wemmick’s place has a drawbridge (over a small ditch) which can be raised and lowered. There is also a tall flag pole and a turret. Sounds fantastic! Wemmick is very proud of his majestic, albeit tiny home. He keeps a pig, fowl, rabbits and a small garden out back. If he’s ever attacked, he can hold his own!

He leads Pip down a twisted path to a small ornamental lake where their punch is cooling. In the middle of the lake is a small island which appears to contain their salad. Oh, and there’s a fountain. (Wow, I want to live here!) Pip compliments Wemmick on his engineering, carpentry, plumbing and gardening skills. “I’m a Jack of all Trades, ” says Wemmick. They head into the “castle” to meet the Aged. Wemmick’s mother or father?

Here is a quick sketch I did showing Pig the Plumber, Jack Rabbit the Gardener and the Carpenter Cock (the rooster, that is!)

I hope everyone here in the States is enjoying a nice Labor Day!

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