Art Expectations Day 162


162 GreatExp wemmick150

Pip meets the Aged, Wemmick’s father, who proudly lights the poker used for setting off the gun at precisely 9:00 pm. Wemmick tells Pip that Jaggers knows nothing about his private life… not about the Aged or his fantastical mini castle.

“The office is one thing, and private life is another,” says Wemmick.

I have to say that I am REALLY reading Great Expectations. What I mean by that, is that by reading only a page a day (or every few days) and seriously thinking about each and every single page and its meaning, I believe I may just be becoming an expert on Great Expectations! That was not my original plan! Certainly I did not read it this thoroughly in high school. (Yes, I read the book in high school, but since I am such a slow reader, to keep up with class, I had to supplement with the Cliff Notes. I am ashamed to admit it, but it’s the truth!) Slow reader, yes, but I could have made a killer diorama!

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