Art Expectations Day 163


163 GreatExp curiosities150

The Stinger (Wemmick’s gun) goes off precisely at 9 pm, shaking every last glass and teacup. Shaking the Aged, who holds onto his armchair, screaming with delight. Pip gets a tour of Wemmick’s curiosities, agreeably scattered throughout the tiny castle “among specimens of china and glass.”

He stays the night in a tiny turret, feeling as if he is balancing the tall flagpole (mounted on top of the turret outside) on his forehead all night.

In the morning, Wemmick, after cleaning Pip’s boots, heads out to the small yard to do a bit of gardening. Then they both head back to the office, Wemmick becoming “dryer and harder” as they get closer, leaving his homemade paradise behind him for another day.

I made another stamp, getting lots of inspiration from a book by Geninne D. Zlatkis. It’s called “Making an Impression” (see pic below). She includes some of her wonderful designs and advice on how to carve your own stamps. I love her work and her blog! Check her out here:

163 GreatExp stampbook

163 GreatExp stamp

Here’s my stamp. The first sketch I drew was WAY too complicated to carve. (Thank goodness I realized that before I started carving!) So I tried a new sketch, simplifying it a bit. I also realized I need new ink pads!

Have a great weekend!

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