Art Expectations Day 166


166 GreatExp floating in money150

Dinner at Jaggers’s is going smoothly, so far, as they enjoy several courses: fish, mutton and fowl, along with sauces and wine. Pip notices that Jaggers seems to “wrench” out the weakest part of each of them as they speak. For Pip, he goes on and on admitting his tendency for lavish spending and boasts about his great prospects. (He is aware that he is saying this, but can’t seem to stop himself!) During the cheese course, they all start to compare their rowing skills and their muscles. Sounds like it’s going to get rowdy!

I got some new art supplies in the mail. Yippee! I ordered some Yupo paper, some new ink pads and re-inkers. Plus a Sta-wet palette. I tried them all! I had been hearing about re-inkers and wasn’t even sure what they were. They are little bottles of highly concentrated ink used for loading up empty ink pads. Here is what I learned: re-inkers do not dry on Yupo paper! I painted this illustration with the ink a week ago and it’s STILL wet! Obviously I don’t know what I am doing. I have since learned that watercolor does dry on Yupo paper and works beautifully. And re-inkers are being mainly used by artists, mixed with glazing mediums to paint with. I’ll give that a try soon. Here is Pip, floating in money – still wet!

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