Art Expectations Day 168


168 GreatExp drunk150

The gang took too much wine and talked way too much during dinner at Jaggers’s house. Pip and Drummle start to argue, Pip starting most of it. I think Pip is jealous that Jaggers is showing so much interest in Drummle. He is really acting like an ass! He points out to everyone that he saw Drummle borrowing money from Startop. Drummle admits it, but also says he’ll pay Startop back. Drummle whispers to no one in particular, “that Pip and Herbert might both go to the devil and shake themselves!” Startop tries to intervene to break it up. We’re left at that, at the bottom of page 184.

I gave the Yupo paper another try, this time with watercolor, not ink. It worked beautifully! Here is a drunken bottle, watercolor on yupo.

Thanks to all of you who are following my blog; my meager little quest at illustrating Great Expectations. I’ve learned and grown a lot during this exercise over the past year and a half. It’s been a fun ride. But it’s not over until I read page 412!

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