Art Expectations Day 169




[Still having dinner at Jaggers’s house] Pip and the boys argue a bit more. Drummle, about to hurl a glass at someone, is stopped by Jaggers, who announces that the party is over.

Pip watches as Startop and Drummle head off toward home. Drummle is still so angry he won’t walk on the same side of the street as Startop! (They are going to the same place. Both are tenants at the Pocket’s home in Hammersmith.)

Pip quickly runs back inside to apologize for their bad behavior. Jaggers says, “Pooh! It’s nothing, Pip.” He tells Pip that he likes Spider (Drummle’s nickname) but warns Pip to stay clear of him.

I decided to create a tiny accordion picture book with dominos. I’m sure you’ve seen these on the internet. Here is my version, with a Great Expectations twist. I’ll be teaching a workshop at the Richardson Library showing how to make these. Hands On – everyone gets to make one!

3 thoughts on “Art Expectations Day 169

      1. It looks fun. My blogging is going. It is mainly driven by illustrations I make and my schedule to work on that these past few months has been pretty erratic. And it is still going which makes me happy.

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