Art Expectations Day 170


170 GreatExp chairs150

A letter from Biddy arrives announcing that Joe and Mr Wopsle are coming to London for a visit with Pip. This letter arrives on a Monday and they are coming the very next day, Tuesday, at 9 am! Pip confesses that he is not pleased by this news. He would rather pay money to keep them away. I think he’s embarrassed by Joe’s country ways. He doesn’t want his new city friends to see where he comes from.

He tells how he has vastly changed the rooms at Barnard’s Inn where he resides with Herbert. He’s purchased many new furnishings. I’m sure his place is a far cry from his meager beginnings with Joe and his sister in the country. Could it be that he doesn’t want them to see how much he has changed?

I created a tissue drawing contrasting two chairs. Can’t wait to hear what Joe has to say about the “new” Pip!

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Happy Fall! Hope everyone is getting some cooler weather here in the Southern States. I’m ready to bake some pies!

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