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Art Expectations Day 181 Estella!

181 GreatExp tissue Estella150

An old newspaper article describes Pumblechook as the founder of Pip’s fortunes. Seems the whole town knows about Pip! He sets out too early to visit Miss Havisham, going the opposite direction of his home, wandering around her neighborhood. He dreams of her plans for him:
– to restore the grand old house
– to reset the clocks
– to marry the princess (Estella)
He is to become the HERO! But he does not truly know what lies ahead for him. And I believe Estella is just another pawn in Miss H’s game.


Art Expectations Day 180

180 GreatExp swamp150

Convict #1 has just two things to say about Pip’s hometown:
1) it’s all mudbank, mist, swamp and work
2) it’s all work, swamp, mist and mudbank

Pip takes the first chance he can to get away from the convicts by jumping out of the stagecoach “at the first lamp at the first stones of the town pavement.” Whew!

Pip checks into the Blue Boar Inn and sits down to some dinner. The waiter asks him if he wants Pumblechook to be sent over. “No, certainly not.” Why would he ever want to see that man?!

Art Expectations Day 179

179 GreatExp coachride150

Pip is miserable on his ride back home, with the cold weather and the convict breathing heavily down his back. He does manage to doze off though, waking up close to the end of the journey.

As he wakes, he overhears the one convict (#1) telling the other (#2) about a boy giving some “other” convict TWO one-pound notes in the Dockyard many years ago. Convict #2 says the boy must have been green to give money to a stranger. Turns out that the convict in the Dockyard was tried for breaking out of prison and given life. (still in prison, then?)

Here is an abstract landscape with a river alongside a road with the stagecoach and horse off to the right riding through the countryside.

Art Expectations Day 178

178 GreatExp StagecoachFinal

There’s a ruckus before loading the stagecoach as to who will sit where. In addition to Pip and the two convicts, there is a family, plus a “choleric” gentleman on the journey. This man makes a huge scene – flew into a violent passion – stating that he can’t be mixed up with such villanous company. The two convicts agree that they don’t want to be along on this ride anyway! (since they are headed for prison) Eventually they all settle in for the ride, everyone finding a place. Right behind Pip is THE convict he recognizes, breathing heavily down his neck. Poor Pip!

Art Expectations Day 177

177 GreatExp gun textfinal

{In case the text above is too small to read:

Pip decides to leave the Avenger behind in London, afraid Miss Havisham might not approve, or that the Avenger would cause a stir back home. At the station, waiting to leave, Herbert informs Pip that the stagecoach will also transport two convicts. This was customary, but the word “convict” sends shivers down Pip’s spine! He lies, saying it’s fine.

Out from the Tap come the convicts with their guard, all wiping their mouths off. They’ve been drinking and seem like old friends, despite the irons on the legs of the convicts and the pistols on the guard. Pip immediately recognizes one of the convicts as the man in the Three Jolly Bargemen who had scared Pip many months ago. He seemed to know about Pip and the convict in the cemetery. Is it the same cemetery convict?}

Art Expectations Day 176

176 GreatExp blueboar150

Joe is saying his good-byes to Pip in London. He tells Pip he (Joe) is “wrong in these clothes”. He’s best suited for the forge, hammer in hand, covered in soot. “God bless you, dear old Pip” and with that, he walks out.

Chapter 28: Pip decides he must go back home the very next day to see Estella. He will not stay at his childhood home with Joe and his sister. But will room at the Blue Boar in town. He knows this is wrong but convinces himself with all sorts of reasons. (Is he too good for his old home?) His big decision now is whether to take the Avenger (his servant) in his fancy boots with him on this journey home.

Here’s a blue boar on yupo paper, painted with re-inkers mixed with medium and blue Winsor & Newton ink. Until next time! (Wonder how Estella will treat him this time?)

I added a Portrait Tab at the top. This contains a few of the portraits I’ve painted. I have done many more but lost the digital files and pictures of them when my computer died last year. (boo hoo) I am hoping I can find a backup on a CD somewhere. Wish me luck!

Art Expectations Day 175

175 GreatExp smiths150ink bottles stacked

green ink & pen

This weekend, I went to the art supply store with a small list of items I needed. I had filled up my arms and was just about done when I saw on a lower shelf, these lovely little bottles of Winsor & Newton ink. I quickly put back everything and snatched up a set. Was it the right thing to do? Probably not, since I still need those other items. I had a few of these bottles in college (they are long gone) and would drool over all the other colors which I felt were too expensive for me at the time. (Poor college student, yada yada yada) This time I used a coupon and went for it! I have spent the past two days playing around with them. I love the transparent colors and used them with an old fashioned quill pen. I discovered it is very hard to write cursive with this kind of pen. HOW did they used to do this?! I also used paint brushes and treated the ink like very liquid watercolor. (I have to admit I mostly love the packaging, tiny little bottles in cute square boxes with wonderful little illustrations on them!) I’ve had fun! Did I mention I am addicted to art supplies? Back to the story…

Joe says that Pumblechook told him that Miss Havisham wishes to speak with him (Joe). So next day, all cleaned up, Joe visits her. She tells him that Estella is back in town and “would be glad to see him (Pip).” This is why Joe is in London, to pass on this news to Pip. As soon as he does, Joe jumps up to leave. So soon? Not staying for dinner? Nope. Joe says, very poetically, that “life is made of partings welded together… and one man’s a blacksmith, and one’s a whitesmith, and one’s a goldsmith, and one’s a coppersmith.” Divisions among all kinds must come and be dealt with.

Art Expectations Days 172, 173 & 174

172 GreatExp ghost150
173 GreatExp blackingwar150

174 GreatExp rub cat150
Three Days in ONE! What a bargain!
Here are pages 188, 189, 190:

Joe is in London and visiting Pip. He tells Pip that Mrs Gargery (Pip’s sister) is no worse off (remember, she was attacked by a home intruder), Biddy is “right and ready” (for what, marriage?!) and Mr Wopsle has “had a drop.” By this Joe means that Wopsle has left the Church to become an actor! Joe attended his play the night before, which involved a ghost. It’s hard to tell if Joe liked the play or not. I’m thinking he just didn’t know what to make of it.

Joe finally hangs his bird-nest hat on a corner of the chimney, where it keeps falling off, causing Joe to do some unusual acrobatics to retrieve it every time. Joe tells how he and Mr Wopsle saw a bit of the city the day before, starting off with the Blacking Warehouse. They were not impressed. It was a bit “too architectooralooral” says Joe, drawing out the word. Turns out Dickens was sent to work at the Warren’s Shoeblacking factory when he was young. It was a miserable time in his childhood.

Pip, Joe and Herbert sit down for breakfast. It’s awkward for both Joe and Pip. Joe not knowing how to act and Pip becoming frustrated with him. Joe tells Pip that he ran into Pumblechook at the Three Jolly Bargemen. (Pumblechook rubs Joe the wrong way, acting as if HE has raised Pip.) Apparently Joe is in London with some news for Pip!

Art Expectations Day 171

171 GreatExp birdhat150

I’m on Page 187 of Great Expectations and Joe is coming for a visit to London. I created another tissue paper collage of Joe and his hat.

Not only has Pip spent much money on furnishings, he has also “started a boy in top boots in bondage and slavery.” (This sounds kinda kinky! But I think Dickens means that Pip has hired a servant.) Pip admits to mainly feeding the boy and having difficulty finding things for him to do!

Pip readies the rooms for Joe’s visit, with the Avenger (new servant, real name Pepper) on guard in the hall. Joe arrives, clumsily up the stairs, slowly reading the names on the doors as he ascends. Once let in the apartment, he grabs both of Pip’s hands, pumping them up and down “as if [Pip] had been the last-patented pump.” He then holds his hat awkwardly between the two of them, as if it is his most prized possession, like a bird’s nest with eggs in it.

Here is another drawing I did recently. It’s a Rhinoctopus confronting a Seafly:
rhinoctopus&seafly FlandoWEB