Art Expectations Day 171


171 GreatExp birdhat150

I’m on Page 187 of Great Expectations and Joe is coming for a visit to London. I created another tissue paper collage of Joe and his hat.

Not only has Pip spent much money on furnishings, he has also “started a boy in top boots in bondage and slavery.” (This sounds kinda kinky! But I think Dickens means that Pip has hired a servant.) Pip admits to mainly feeding the boy and having difficulty finding things for him to do!

Pip readies the rooms for Joe’s visit, with the Avenger (new servant, real name Pepper) on guard in the hall. Joe arrives, clumsily up the stairs, slowly reading the names on the doors as he ascends. Once let in the apartment, he grabs both of Pip’s hands, pumping them up and down “as if [Pip] had been the last-patented pump.” He then holds his hat awkwardly between the two of them, as if it is his most prized possession, like a bird’s nest with eggs in it.

Here is another drawing I did recently. It’s a Rhinoctopus confronting a Seafly:
rhinoctopus&seafly FlandoWEB

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