Art Expectations Day 176


176 GreatExp blueboar150

Joe is saying his good-byes to Pip in London. He tells Pip he (Joe) is “wrong in these clothes”. He’s best suited for the forge, hammer in hand, covered in soot. “God bless you, dear old Pip” and with that, he walks out.

Chapter 28: Pip decides he must go back home the very next day to see Estella. He will not stay at his childhood home with Joe and his sister. But will room at the Blue Boar in town. He knows this is wrong but convinces himself with all sorts of reasons. (Is he too good for his old home?) His big decision now is whether to take the Avenger (his servant) in his fancy boots with him on this journey home.

Here’s a blue boar on yupo paper, painted with re-inkers mixed with medium and blue Winsor & Newton ink. Until next time! (Wonder how Estella will treat him this time?)

I added a Portrait Tab at the top. This contains a few of the portraits I’ve painted. I have done many more but lost the digital files and pictures of them when my computer died last year. (boo hoo) I am hoping I can find a backup on a CD somewhere. Wish me luck!

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