Art Expectations Day 177


177 GreatExp gun textfinal

{In case the text above is too small to read:

Pip decides to leave the Avenger behind in London, afraid Miss Havisham might not approve, or that the Avenger would cause a stir back home. At the station, waiting to leave, Herbert informs Pip that the stagecoach will also transport two convicts. This was customary, but the word “convict” sends shivers down Pip’s spine! He lies, saying it’s fine.

Out from the Tap come the convicts with their guard, all wiping their mouths off. They’ve been drinking and seem like old friends, despite the irons on the legs of the convicts and the pistols on the guard. Pip immediately recognizes one of the convicts as the man in the Three Jolly Bargemen who had scared Pip many months ago. He seemed to know about Pip and the convict in the cemetery. Is it the same cemetery convict?}

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