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Art Expectations Day 187

187 GreatExp Estella tree 150

Estella reiterates her heartless nature by saying that she has never shown Pip any tenderness and never will. Wow… that’s cold.

They walk around the neglected garden three more times, now with Estella lightly touching Pip’s shoulder (for balance) while holding up her skirt with her other hand. Even though the garden is in a state of ruin, covered in weeds, Pip sees only precious flowers all in bloom for him.

I mixed some re-inker ink with some rubbing alcohol in a mister bottle. I had never tried this and have been hearing a lot about misters lately. Plus I have some new stencils (which I bought from artistcellar) to try out with this mister technique. Once that dried I drew the bare Estella tree with a Sharpie on top. Simple, but I think it works! Here is a link to the site where I purchased the stencils:


Art Expectations Day 186

186 GreatExp heartless150

Estella walks with an “air of completeness and superiority” while Pip walks with “youthfulness and submission”. He asks her if she remembers some of the events from his childhood visits there (her climbing on the old whisky casks, making him cry and bringing him meat and drink to eat outside like a dog). She coldly says that she does not remember any of that. This breaks Pip’s heart because these events were so important to him. She tells him that she has no heart – no heart for “softness, sympathy or sentiment.”

Art Expectations Day 185

185 GreatExp gardenfist150

A Fight in the Garden
Or at least reminiscing about it. Pip is still at Miss Havisham’s catching up with Estella….

Pip learns that Estella will be going to London, not back to France. SWEET! That’s where Pip lives now. Miss H sends them out for a walk. (What’s she scheming?!?)┬áPip remembers a dream he once had of Estella peaking in the forge window, seeing Pip all covered in soot, common and poor – his true self.

As Pip and Estella walk along in Miss H’s garden, Pip worshipping “the very hem of her dress”, they come upon the place of the fight Pip had with Herbert Pocket long ago. Estella admits that she spied on them and witnessed the fight. She did not care much for Herbert and I believe I recall she gave Pip a little peck of a kiss that day when he left!

I bought more Marvy Uchida paint markers and had fun creating this illustration with them. I hope I reach day 200 by December 31! That’s my plan. But will be difficult with the holidays coming. Wish me luck!

Art Expectations Day 184

184 GreatExp Estella eye 150

Pip walks into Miss Havisham’s room. Nothing has changed (clock still frozen in time). Except, one thing…. there’s a stranger there. A beautiful woman. Then Pip recognizes Estella in the stranger’s eyes. My, how she’s changed! She’s blossomed into a woman! And then Pip suddenly feels like the course and common boy he once was. This should be interesting!

My goal is to reach Day 200 by the end of the year! I think I can do it!

Art Expectations Day 183

183 GreatExp sarah pocket150

Pip walks into the Manor House (Miss Havisham’s sham of a home) with Orlick, the new Gatekeeper. They stop by Orlick’s small room where he sees Orlick hang up the gate key alongside other old keys and a gun above the chimney. Orlick explains that he was hired to protect the place and admits that “it’s better than bellowsing and hammering” – blacksmith’s work.

Pip heads down the long hallway and is greeted by Sarah Pocket, green and yellow as ever with jealousy.

Wonder why my art sometimes has an odd shape? It’s because I am using old pages from board books for children. These books work great because of the thick cardboard. You just need to treat them with primer (Gesso) or sand them first. Sometimes I just cover them with paper and gel medium. Often these books are odd (fun) shapes. It forces me to work with that shape and (hopefully) make it work with my drawing or painting.

Happy weekend everyone!

Art Expectations Day 182

182 GreatExp estella house150

On his walk towards Miss Havisham’s house, Pip admits to himself that to love Estella is irrational, and against all reason, promise, peace, hope and happiness. When he arrives, he is surprised to find Orlick opening the gate for him. Orlick?! What’s he doing there? Pip tries to find out. But Orlick is vague about his reasons for leaving the forge and Joe.