Art Expectations Day 183


183 GreatExp sarah pocket150

Pip walks into the Manor House (Miss Havisham’s sham of a home) with Orlick, the new Gatekeeper. They stop by Orlick’s small room where he sees Orlick hang up the gate key alongside other old keys and a gun above the chimney. Orlick explains that he was hired to protect the place and admits that “it’s better than bellowsing and hammering” – blacksmith’s work.

Pip heads down the long hallway and is greeted by Sarah Pocket, green and yellow as ever with jealousy.

Wonder why my art sometimes has an odd shape? It’s because I am using old pages from board books for children. These books work great because of the thick cardboard. You just need to treat them with primer (Gesso) or sand them first. Sometimes I just cover them with paper and gel medium. Often these books are odd (fun) shapes. It forces me to work with that shape and (hopefully) make it work with my drawing or painting.

Happy weekend everyone!

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