Art Expectations Day 185


185 GreatExp gardenfist150

A Fight in the Garden
Or at least reminiscing about it. Pip is still at Miss Havisham’s catching up with Estella….

Pip learns that Estella will be going to London, not back to France. SWEET! That’s where Pip lives now. Miss H sends them out for a walk. (What’s she scheming?!?) Pip remembers a dream he once had of Estella peaking in the forge window, seeing Pip all covered in soot, common and poor – his true self.

As Pip and Estella walk along in Miss H’s garden, Pip worshipping “the very hem of her dress”, they come upon the place of the fight Pip had with Herbert Pocket long ago. Estella admits that she spied on them and witnessed the fight. She did not care much for Herbert and I believe I recall she gave Pip a little peck of a kiss that day when he left!

I bought more Marvy Uchida paint markers and had fun creating this illustration with them. I hope I reach day 200 by December 31! That’s my plan. But will be difficult with the holidays coming. Wish me luck!

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