Art Expectations Day 187


187 GreatExp Estella tree 150

Estella reiterates her heartless nature by saying that she has never shown Pip any tenderness and never will. Wow… that’s cold.

They walk around the neglected garden three more times, now with Estella lightly touching Pip’s shoulder (for balance) while holding up her skirt with her other hand. Even though the garden is in a state of ruin, covered in weeds, Pip sees only precious flowers all in bloom for him.

I mixed some re-inker ink with some rubbing alcohol in a mister bottle. I had never tried this and have been hearing a lot about misters lately. Plus I have some new stencils (which I bought from artistcellar) to try out with this mister technique. Once that dried I drew the bare Estella tree with a Sharpie on top. Simple, but I think it works! Here is a link to the site where I purchased the stencils:

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