Art Expectations Day 190, Page 206


190 GreatExp winePip150

HALF-WAY THROUGH THE BOOK! When I started this project, almost two years ago, I marked the half-way point, page 206. I really thought I’d have reached that page sooner! But, here I am, two years later. Doesn’t matter. It’s been great fun and I will see it through until the end, the very last page, page 412… even if it takes another two years!

Page 206:   Jaggers tells Pip that since the jilting at the altar, no one has seen Miss Havisham eat or drink. Pip also finds out that Estella’s last name is Havisham. (She was adopted by Miss H.) Jaggers and Pip join Estella and the green-with-envy Sarah Pocket at the dinner table for a very nice meal. During dinner Pip notices that Jaggers goes out of his way to NOT look at Estella. He answers her questions but will not look at her. Odd. He also goes out of his way to make Sarah Pocket even more jealous of Pip’s great expectations (fortunes). Pip and Jaggers leave to go have a drink – ladies not invited. During this man-time, Pip is very uncomfortable, as Jaggers stares into his wine glass and makes it clear that he does not wish to converse with Pip. (Was there something between Jaggers and Estella?)

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