Art Expectations Days 191 & 192


191 & 192 GreatExp150

TWO days in one! I have accepted the fact that I may not make it to Day 200 by December 31. However, I am still trying! (These last few posts may have to be mostly sketches.)
[pg.207]   After dinner, Sarah Pocket disappears and Pip and Jaggers meet back up with Estella and Miss Havisham. Miss H has added the most beautiful jewels to Estella’s hair, bosom and arms. Pip notices that Jaggers raises his eyebrows when he sees Estella like this. Pip is having trouble dealing with his warm feelings about Estella vs. Jaggers’s cold feelings about her. Back at the Blue Boar Inn, Pip lies in bed in the room next to Jaggers, repeating to himself, “I love her! I love her! I love her!” Will she ever feel the same way about him?

[pg.208]   Pip tells Jaggers that Orlick is not to be trusted and is the wrong person for the job guarding Miss H and her property. Jaggers states that he’ll promptly have Orlick fired! (Uh oh… watch your back Pip!)  In the morning, before heading back to London, Pip goes out for a walk around his old town. (He still hasn’t even told his family that he is there.) He knows he is being recognized and stared at by the townsfolk. He continues walking on as if he doesn’t recognize them. He runs into Trabb’s boy (the tailor’s shop-worker). He’s going over in his head how to react as he approaches him… to ignore or acknowledge… hmmmm….

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