Art Expectations Day 193


193 GreatExp backtoLondon150

Winding down 2013 and only seven more posts! Here’s a quick drawing done while sitting in the driver’s seat of my car, waiting for my daughter, as usual, driving around and waiting. (I’m a taxi driver lately!)

Page 210:   Pip decides to ignore Trabb’s boy (the tailor’s helper) as he approaches him on his walk about his hometown. BIG mistake! Trabb’s boy will have none of that. He makes a huge spectacle of himself three times in front of Pip and all the lookers-on! He flops about in the dirt, over-exaggerating his fear of Pip. Strutting about, pulling up his shirt-collar, smirking, and saying, “Don’t know yah! Don’t know yah!” He basically chases Pip out of town, back up the road toward London. Pip decides that nothing he could have done would have changed the situation. Oh, no Pip. You could have not acted so high and mighty! Maybe Pip IS better off in London where he blends in more, lost in the crowd… where no one knows his name (or sooty background).


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