Art Expectations Day 194


194 GreatExp oysters150Another quick sketch:  ball-point pen on notebook paper, scanned and enhanced in Photoshop. I love to draw! Guess that’s obvious…

When Pip first arrives back in London, he feels guilty for not visiting Joe when he was back home. (He only visited Miss Havisham and Estella.) So he sends a codfish and a barrel of oysters home to make up for that.
He wishes to confide in Herbert back at Barnard’s Inn. Wanting some privacy he sends his servant (the Avenger) off to see a play. He again admits he has little for the Avenger to do and sometimes sends him to Hyde Park Corner just to see what time it is! Very serious-like, Pip tells Herbert that he is in love with Estella. Herbert replies, “Of course I know that.”

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